New Year’s Resolution Club has been running since 2014 and we are hugely proud of our member’s successes. Hear from our members below:

“It has been inspiring and motivating being part of a group of goal-oriented women looking to grow, on purpose. It’s been a year of celebrating achievements small and large, regularly checking in on longer term goals and measurable milestones and finding time and space for ourselves. Thank you!”

“A wonderfully positive and proactive environment. I will definitely be coming back next month and joining the tribe J Very friendly and relaxing too.”

“It was the NYRC that made me realize I wanted to take on a community project, and that’s what started me on my library work. So thank you from me – and from all the kids who are loving the new library. And thank you for giving us a safe, creative space to be our best selves.”

“I have absolutely loved taking part in this year’s New Year’s Resolution Club. It has been a little something for me. I always love coming and outside the group I have found intentions I made in the group kept me making my dreams in reality. I love the information that you deliver e.g. psychology based, and I love all the rituals and dream boarding – my new favourite hobby.”

“Brilliant ideas. Amazing content and energy from you both. This is so needed! I have loved this evening! It was so timely and relevant. I’d love to see more and hear more and I’m so happy I met you!”

“I love being part of the group. It helps me focus and helps me realise how much I have achieved each month. It is so great to spend time with talented and positive women, some of which have become really close friends.”

“It has been great to be part of the Club. I met amazing, inspiring women and it was a fantastic way to look after myself.”

“I am grateful to everyone who attends NYRC each month for being a like-minded bunch of women I can share my goal-setting with!”

“I’m a dreamer, always have been, but when it comes to trying to turn dreams into reality I often find it tough to action. The pace of life means it’s rare to have the time to chat about such things with friends, other than a quick update on each other’s lives. And before I know it another year has passed without realising some of those dreams.

So when Sarah told me about the NYRClub I felt it was just the thing I had been looking for. Sarah has a natural spirit for adventure and trying to get the most out of life – that’s why I know the NYRClub will be an exciting venture and one I am so pleased I’ve now joined. What do I hope to get out of it? For me, it’s not just the anticipation of meeting people who share similar goals of adventure and travel but to find inspiration from other members and guest speakers through their experiences and dreams, no matter what they are or at what stage of life. Everyone who joins will have done so for a common reason – to make a difference in 2014, no matter how small, in their own lives or those of others, and that’s a big draw for me.”

“A great start to what I’m sure will be a successful and exciting year ahead – thanks to you and Annabel too!”

“Loved it! Am quite tempted to crack out my gluestick now I’m home. So exciting… See you soon!”

“A fantastic evening thank you Sarah and Annabel I loved it.”

“Great evening, so creative and lovely opportunity to focus on ourselves and what we want out of this year. A big thanks to our gracious hosts!”

“I really enjoyed myself – and what a nice group of people. I thought you guys were very impressive too! Really looking forward to the next one!”

“I really enjoyed the session last Thursday. Whilst i am no stranger to visioning and goal setting, I found it really useful to go through the exercise for myself. I said on my initial contact form that my main goal for the year was to build a sustainable business, this is still true and what I mainly hope to gain from the NYR Club is connections in Oxford and support too”

“It’s an open, safe and supportive community to discuss goals, fears, insecurities, aspirations, excitement etc.”

“I’d recommend the group particularly for younger women as it’s a nice space to have a degree of mentorship but also just to draw on experiences of others who have already tackled some of the challenges we are facing. I definitely think it is worth it and I’m super super happy I had the opportunity to take part this past year!”